Arianna Carmona - Women's Park

July 01, 2021

Arianna Carmona - Women's Park
Photo: Lauren Brooke


Birthday: 9/9/1998
Current hometown: Buena Park, CA
Stance: Goofy
Instagram: @flying_arianna
Facebook: @arianna.carmona.fanpage
Twitter: @flying_arianna

Sponsors: Identity Boardshop, Vibronic Hemp Wheels, 187 Pads, S-One Helmets, Independent Truck Co., Grinderz, Vans

Arianna Carmona grew up in Orange County, California, near the Vans Skatepark. She learned how to ride a skateboard when she was 7 years old and would often go skate the massive Combi Pool in between the extensive dance classes she was taking at the time. At around age 11 she decided to quit dance to pursue skateboarding, and began competing at a number of local contests as well as some in the Inland Empire and Venice Beach.

As the years went on, Arianna entered more and more contests, like the Girl's Combi Pool Classic, and landed an invite to the first Van Doren Invitational Contest at the U.S. Open (now a part of the Vans Park Series). She was also invited to compete in the 2016 X Games in Austin. Since then, Arianna skated in all the Vans Park Series contests, and made it to the Vans Park Series Championships in China in 2018.

In addition to park skating, Arianna also loves to skate vert. She won a Silver medal at the 2017 Vert World Championships in China, won the vert contest at Exposure 2017, placed 2nd at Vert Attack in 2018, and 2nd at Exposure vert in 2018 and 2019.

Arianna has been a member of the USA Skateboarding Women’s Park National Team since 2020. When she isn't skating, Arianna loves to hangout with her friends and family, play video games, and explore new places.