Cory Juneau - Team USA Skateboarding Olympic Men's Park Representative

July 01, 2021

Cory Juneau - Team USA Skateboarding Olympic Men's Park Representative

Photo: Chris Ortiz

Birthday: 6/10/1999
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Current hometown: San Diego, CA
Stance: Regular
Instagram: @coryjuneau

Sponsors: Golden Goose, Rockstar Energy, Flip Skateboards, Independent Truck Co., Shake Junt,  Modus Bearings

Born in San Diego and raised on a wealth of local transitions, Cory Juneau accelerated to the top of the ranks early on in his career as an unknown and has since established himself comfortably among the action sports elite. At 21, Cory is a young athlete who consistently lands on the podium at major contests around the world and with one of the smoothest styles ever to grace a skateboard, he inspires many.

Far more than any of his predecessors, Cory brings a captivating new flair to modern bowl skating through his effortless style, which he exudes both on and off his skateboard. Through his brazen originality, Cory transcends the respected culture of core skateboarding, reaching broader cultural markets.

Cory’s popularity with his fans and status as a top-tier athlete are only just beginning. He is a rising star with extraordinary potential. The sky’s the limit.

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