Jake Ilardi - Team USA Skateboarding Olympic Men's Street Representative

July 01, 2021

Jake Ilardi - Team USA Skateboarding Olympic Men's Street Representative
Photo: Chaz Miley

Birthday: 3/11/1997
Birthplace: Osprey, FL
Current hometown: Sarasota, FL
Stance: Regular
Instagram: @jakeilardi
Facebook: @jake.ilardi
witter: @jakeilardi

Sponsors: Blind Skateboards, Rockstar Energy, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, MOB Grip, The Boardr, Televisistar

Jake Ilardi is part of the new breed of skaters that can rip equally on all terrains. Originally from Osprey, Florida, Jake was unheard of in the skateboard scene until his breakout win at the Empire Am Getting Paid event in 2017. Since then, Jake has been on a spree of destroying contests and turning heads with his mixed bag of park terrain skating and tech handrail tricks.

Jake finished the 2019 contest season with several top-ten finishes, including 4th at the International Skateboarding Open in China, 2nd at both Tampa Pro and the Grand Prix Beroun in France, and wins at the Empire Open and Redbull Rollercoaster. He followed that up with 1st at the Free Skate Miami Open in 2020.

Now residing in Southern California, Jake has left the comfort of his grandma’s house behind and is ready to make a name for himself. He loves trap music, Stranger Things, and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.

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