Jamie Foy - Men's Street

July 01, 2021

Jamie Foy - Men's Street


Birthday: 6/14/1996
Birthplace: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Current hometown: Los Angeles, CA / Deerfield Beach, FL
Stance: Regular
Instagram: @jamie_foy
Facebook: @jamiefoy

Sponsors: New Balance, Red Bull, Deathwish, Bronson, Island Water Sports, Spitfire, Thunder, Shake Junt, Dickies, CCS

If you’re from Florida, you know that Jamie Foy has been ripping the streets and contests in the American Southeast for as long as he’s been on a skateboard. But when he made the move from Deerfield Beach to California in 2016, the rest of the skateboard world got introduced to a legend in the making.

Known for his work ethic and willingness to throw himself down any stairs or rail, it didn’t take long for Jamie to get picked up by a raft of sponsors and turn pro in less than a year. A stellar performance on Thrasher’s King of the Road also helped him earn the coveted Skater Of The Year honor for 2017.

Jamie started 2018 with a 1st place in the coveted Tampa Pro Best Trick event, and followed that up with 4th at both Simple Sessions in Estonia and the Copenhagen Open. 2019 featured the release of Jamie’s New Balance signature pro shoe and several top-5 contest finishes, including 5th at the Street League World Championships in Brasil, and 5th at X Games Minneapolis. And even though the world locked down early in 2020, Jamie still managed to squeeze in several contests, finishing 2nd in Street League’s Unsanctioned event, 3rd in the Pacifico Downtown Open in Chicago, and 3rd in the Chimera Games in Japan.

Smashing contest courses like he does street spots, Jamie’s been creating fans around the globe. He’s loved by all who meet him and gets louder cheers than anyone as he continues to establish himself as a skateboarding household name.