Jordan Santana - Women's Park

April 17, 2022

Jordan Santana - Women's Park


  • Discipline: Women's Skateboard Park
  • Birthday: 12/12/2003
  • Birthplace: Houston, TX
  • Current hometown: Houston, TX
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Instagram: @jordanfsantana
  • Facebook: @jordanfsantana
  • Website:
  • Sponsors: Vans, Hosoi Skateboards, Protec helmets, 187 Killer Pads, Independent Trucks, MOB griptape, Bones Bearings, Rastaclat, Merge4 Socks, Southside Skatepark

Jordan was first introduced to skateboarding at the age of 5 when she met legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi.  Christian held Jordan's hands while she stepped on a skateboard for the very first time and rocked her back and forth. Nobody could have imagined the impact that moment would have on Jordan's life.  Years later, Hosoi Skateboards became Jordan's first major sponsor.

Jordan immediately showed a love for skateboarding.  As she grew, so did her skills in skateboarding and her desire to compete.  She began skating competitively at local city and state level competitions.  In 2015 she traveled to Encinitas, California to compete in her first major girl's competition, Exposure.  Since that time, Jordan has gone on to compete in competitions nationally and around the world.  Her more recent wins include: 2017 World Cup Skateboarding National Champion, 2018 Vans Girls Combi (2nd place Am), 2019 Vans Americas Regionals (2nd place), 2019 Vans Girls Combi (1st place, Am), 2018 Dew Tour Girls AM (2nd place), and 2019 Exposure (2nd place).

In September 2019, Jordan competed in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the World Championships, a qualifier stop for the 2020 Olympics.  She received the 2nd highest score in Park for USA, earning her a spot on the 2020 USA Skateboarding National team.  She is currently training and preparing for the upcoming 2020 Olympic qualifiers with hopes of making the Team USA Olympic team.

Jordan is excited for the future of skateboarding and its history-making debut at the 2020 Olympics. She looks forward to travel and sharing her love and passion of skateboarding with others. When she's not skateboarding, Jordan can be found chilling out with her family, friends and French bully Maximus. Other favorite activities of hers include drawing and playing drums.