Samarria Brevard - Women's Street

April 17, 2022

Samarria Brevard - Women's Street
    • Discipline: Women's Skateboard Street
    • Birthday: 9/22/1993
    • Birthplace: Riverside, CA
    • Current hometown: Fremont
    • Stance: Goofy
    • Instagram: @samarriabrevard
    • Sponsors: New Balance, enjoi, Ricta, Mob Grip, Bronson Bearings, Thunder, Talk Hardware

      Samarria Brevard’s hometown is Riverside, CA. Samarria is a pioneer in skateboarding and arguably the most powerful female street skater in the world. She rides for New Balance. Her dominance landed her in the 2018 X Games Real Street competition as the only ever female skater in a historically men-only field of competitors. In 2014, she put herself on the map by winning the Kimberly Diamond championship in South Africa competing against all the top skaters worldwide.  In 2017, she brought home an X Games silver medal. Her peers call her the humble warrior—she skates the biggest stairs and rails of any woman with fearless ease. Coming off her unforgettable part in the “Quit Your Day Job” video and winning the Mystery Guest MVP on Thrasher Magazine’s King of the Road, Samarria proudly joined and turned pro for enjoi skateboards, one of the most well-respected teams on the globe. With her laid-back style and positive energy, the young veteran pushes the limits of women’s skateboarding.  With her eyes set on skateboarding’s inaugural appearance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan 2020, it’s just the beginning.