Zion Wright - Men's Park

April 17, 2022

Zion Wright - Men's Park


  • Discipline: Men’s Skateboard Park
  • Birthday: 2/3/1999
  • Birthplace: Jupiter, FL
  • Current hometown: Carlsbad, CA
  • Stance: Regular
  • Instagram: @zionwright
  • Facebook: @zionwrightskate
  • Sponsors: Vans, Nixon, Real skateboards, Bronson Speed Co, Red Bull, Triple 8

Zion Wright is known for his all-terrain abilities on his board, larger than life attitude, and infectious charm. Off the board, his personality attracts everyone that surrounds him while his mind-blowing video parts speak for themselves and his skills and versatility in both park and street courses have solidified him as a contest threat for years to come. The native Floridian is a favorite to represent the USA in the 2020 Olympics and is dual threat- competing and stacking results in the highest tier competitions of both park and street disciplines.

Zion got his start at an early age, receiving his first skateboard at the age of 4 and entered his first contest at 8. He gives his dad a lot of credit for his early successes. “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

With a new career blossoming at just 16 years old, Zion moved to California to be closer to the heart of skateboarding and pursue his dreams of becoming pro.

Within a year of the move and in between filming for video parts, Zion took home First Place in the Phoenix AM, followed by a Third Place at Tampa Am. After a video part in Thrasher Magazine’s “Am Scramble”, Real Skateboards turned him pro, and he has continued to excel since. He followed up with feats like an impressive performance in another video part, “REAL Part”, earned a spot in the Street League, won various pro competitions and continues to release some of the best video parts in the game.

He is dedicated to taking his street skating to the next level. “I’m constantly learning new tricks,” he says. “The challenge is fun for me; you’re going through your ups and downs until you get it, the trick breaks you. But that’s what I like about trying something new."

Keep your eye out for this phenom, his versatility and charisma is sure to get him far.