Jessup Introduces ULTRA NBD Griptape Made from Recycled Nike Shoes

June 10, 2021

Jessup Introduces ULTRA NBD Griptape Made from Recycled Nike Shoes

For Immediate Release


Official USA Skateboarding griptape partner, Jessup, develops skateboard griptape using Nike Grind, recycled rubber scrap from official USA Skateboarding footwear and apparel partner, Nike’s footwear manufacturing

McHenry, IL (June 2, 2021) —  Jessup Manufacturing Company, the global leader in the skateboard griptape market, today announced the limited release of ULTRA NBD, the world’s first griptape made with Nike Grind, recycled rubber scrap from Nike’s footwear manufacturing. “We’re thrilled to bring this product to market,” said Rob Jessup, president and third-generation owner of Jessup Manufacturing, adding that the brands share a common vision for developing technologically forward equipment for athletes and for reusing waste at its highest value.

Jessup, which has produced skateboard griptape since the 1970s and is the only griptape manufacturer in the U.S., is the official griptape partner for USA Skateboarding, the governing body responsible for Team USA in the upcoming Olympics, had to rethink the science behind its proprietary griptape manufacturing technology.

“We had engineers, chemists and quality technicians developing, testing and collaborating on this to get just the right mix that would deliver the Jessup ride that our skaters expect,” said Ian Deacon, manager of Jessup’s skate team. “And I believe we got it right.”

Deacon said ULTRA NBD will be available in retail skate shops in limited quantities for the next few weeks, but he expects stores will have full inventory by late June.

Even with ULTRA NBD being made in America, the “limited release” is tied directly to challenges caused by the pandemic. “Like everyone right now, we are working through the issues, Jessup said, adding, “I would encourage skaters to go to their favorite shop and reserve their sheets.”

The name NBD is taken from a common skateboard term used when a skater makes a new trick at a skate spot that has “Never Been Done” there. “It’s a very appropriate name,” said Deacon, “especially when you consider the unique use of recycled Nike Grind content...this is the only griptape of its kind in the world.”