USA Skateboarding Partners with Grind For Life to Include Adaptive Skateboarding Divisions at Every 2021 GFL Event

February 04, 2021

USA Skateboarding Partners with Grind For Life to Include Adaptive Skateboarding Divisions at Every 2021 GFL Event

First Event of the GFL Contest Series Kicks off in St. Petersburg, Florida, February 13, 2021

Irvine, Calif. (February 3, 2021) — Consistent exposure and competition opportunities are a key component of USA Skateboarding’s ongoing effort to see Adaptive Skateboarding and WCMX included in the Paralympics. In 2021, our partnership with Grind for Life speaks directly to that effort, giving adaptive skaters and WCMX riders multiple opportunities to learn and compete in the friendly atmosphere of the premiere grassroots national amateur event series.

The GFL Series is a national, all ages and skills series in both street and bowl disciplines that benefits the Grind for Life Organization — a 501(c)(3) non-profit that assists cancer patients with travel expenses. Produced by The Boardr, the GFL Series concludes with a final stop at The Boardr HQ in Tampa, and Annual Awards recognizing the top skaters in every category.

“I’ve been speaking with Mike Rogers for the past few years about working together to support USA Skateboarding and Grind for Life efforts in a meaningful way,” said Josh Friedberg, CEO, USA Skateboarding. “This partnership centered around adaptive skateboarding inclusion could not have been a better fit. I can’t wait to see MR, Ryan Clements, The Boardr crew, and all the skaters at a GFL event soon!”

Grind for Life founder, Mike Rogers, on the added disciplines: “Skateboarding is for anybody who wants to ride. The GFL Series is adding WCMX and Adaptive Divisions to the 2021 contest series, and it’s going to be rad to see the adaptive riders push their limits, compete with new friends and most definitely inspire us all."


mike rogers grind for life usa skateboarding adaptive seriesGrind for Life Founder, Mike Rogers; Photo Credit: Eric Johnsey

“Adaptive skateboarding has been around for decades, but a major challenge to gaining awareness and acceptance has been minimal industry support and coverage throughout the years,” said Oscar Loreto, Jr., Adaptive Skateboarder and Chairperson of the USA Skateboarding Adaptive Skateboarding Committee. “I am so excited for this new GFL adaptive program, and I hope some young disabled individuals are inspired and motivated to take the leap and see how skateboarding can positively influence their lives.”

Oscar will be in St. Petersburg to help facilitate the adaptive learn to skate clinic that will be part of every GFL Series event, along with USA Skateboarding Adaptive Committee member Daniel Gale. Daniel has extensive experience with adaptive skateboarding programs through Adaptive Action Sports, a non-profit he runs with his wife and fellow committee member Amy Purdy.

For the contest this weekend, there will be men’s and women’s, beginner and advanced divi- sions in both Street and Bowl. The Street Jam event format will be three skaters per jam, three minutes per jam and judged on overall impression. The Bowl Jam event format will take eight skaters per jam, three runs at 30 seconds each, skate in order until you fall. Judged on overall impression. Full event schedule and registration here.