USA Skateboarding's Inaugural "Skateboarding for All" Event: Play LA Los Angeles, November 2021

December 01, 2021

USA Skateboarding's Inaugural "Skateboarding for All" Event: Play LA Los Angeles, November 2021

USA Skateboarding held its inaugural Skateboarding For All clinic in Los Angeles in November, where hundreds of kids lined up for their chance to try skateboarding and receive one-on-one instruction. Photo credit: @motionskate_

Irvine, Calif. (November 30, 2021) — The Tokyo 2020 Olympics demonstrated the camaraderie of the skateboarding community and the joy it inspires—even at the top level. As the National Governing Body for the only youth-focused, culture-based sport in the Summer Olympic Games, USA Skateboarding is leveraging its participation in the Olympic Movement to launch its Skateboarding For All initiative and bring the many benefits of skateboarding to anyone who wishes to participate.

“Thanks to skateboarding’s inclusion in the Olympic Games, USA Skateboarding is in a unique position to support skateboarding and skateboarders in a way that no other company or non-profit can,” says USA Skateboarding CEO Josh Friedberg. “Skateboarding For All is the guiding principle that drives all our initiatives forward as we work to share what makes skateboarding and skateboarders special with anyone who wants to experience the joy, fun, and freedom that skateboarding provides.”


With grassroots participation a core component of its programs, USA Skateboarding represents the sport, the art, and the community of skateboarding—currently more than 9-million strong (1). And as a member of the Olympic Movement, USAS has an unprecedented ability to share skateboarding’s colorful, creative culture with the broadest possible audience, including those who have yet to experience it.

Kids have a critical need to belong—now more than ever. Skateboarding For All is much more than a slogan—it's USA Skateboarding!s commitment to create opportunities for anyone who wishes to join the millions of current skateboarders in the pursuit of fun and friendship. Studies have shown the impact of isolation and other mental health challenges and how important it is for youth to feel part of a community (2). Skateboarding is a community—one that promotes friendship, belonging, and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Through skateboard programming and partnerships with national and regional institutions, USA Skateboarding is making skateboarding more accessible to youth, with a unique emphasis on underrepresented groups and adaptive athletes. Through its Skateboarding For All initiative, USA Skateboarding is welcoming everyone to join the fun and become a member of the skateboarding community, participating in an activity that has been shown to foster positive mental health (3).

“Skateboarding For All is like the key under the doormat, and we’re telling everyone where it is,” says USA Skateboarding Women’s Park National and Olympic Team Member Bryce Wettstein. “Anyone is welcome to get on a skateboard and find their own meaning. Everyone in skateboarding is different, but they share this similarity. There’s nothing you can’t do in skateboarding—it’s just up to you."

USA Skateboarding is currently working with strategic partners to develop several components of the Skateboarding For All initiative, including the following: a skateboarding-based STEAM curriculum with the Smithsonian Institution; specific outreach led by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to bring skateboarding programming to underrepresented communities; the USAS skateboarding instructor accreditation program, featuring Safe Sport training and background checks; adaptive skateboarding and WCMX inclusion in the Paralympic Games; and a place to call home—the USA Skateboarding Headquarters in Southern California will be a global cultural hub for skateboarding and a potential competition venue for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

The Skateboarding For All initiative is the cornerstone of USA Skateboarding’s plan to leverage its participation in the Olympic Movement to enrich the lives of youth through skateboarding. Its launch comes during a year of many firsts for skateboarding and the USA Skateboarding National and Olympic Teams. Join the team on December 11 for the USA Skateboarding 2021 Wrap Party in Carlsbad, California to celebrate this remarkable year and support the Skateboarding For All initiative! Meet USA Skateboarding National and Olympic Team members and other skate legends. If you can’t make it to Carlsbad, the USA Skateboarding 2021 Wrap Party will also be Webcast. Tickets and Webcast registration:

A 501c3 nonprofit organization, USA Skateboarding receives no government support and is entirely privately funded. Get involved, donate to USA Skateboarding and help us achieve this unique mission and reach more kids with this important message: Skateboarding is fun, skateboarding is a community, and you’re welcome here.


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