The 2023 USA Skateboarding National Team will be comprised of a maximum of sixteen (16) athletes – four (4) athletes per Olympic event (Mens Park, Mens Street, Womens Park, and Womens Street) based on the following:

1. The winner of the 2022 National Championship in each of the four (4) Olympic events (athletes total) as of 4 December 2022 will be invited to become members of the 2023 USA Skateboarding National Team. 

2. The two (2) highest USA Skateboarding OWS ranked athletes in each of the four (4) Olympic events (8 athletes total) as of 4 December 2022 will be invited to become members of the 2023 USA Skateboarding National Team. In the event that the winner of the 2022 National Championships is already one of the top two (2) highest ranked US athletes, the next highest OWS ranked athlete as of 4 December 2022 will be selected.
The USA Skateboarding rankings are sanctioned by USA Skateboarding and are published at https://usaskateboarding.com.

3. The fourth team slot in each of the four (4) Olympic events (4 skateboarders total) will be discretionary selections as described below. See Discretionary Selection for National Team procedures, below.

Note: In the event that no OWS rankings are available for a particular Olympic event at the time of the National Championships (4 December 2022), the top two (2) podium finishes from the National Championships and two (2) discretionary selections (4 athletes total) will be invited to become members of the 2023 USA Skateboarding National Team. Eligible athletes who continue to train and remain on the National Team will receive monthly stipends. Athletes who are named to the team in more than one discipline will receive only one stipend per month.

Discretionary Selection for National Team

To ensure the National Team is comprised of those athletes most capable of competing at the highest international level, discretionary selection will be utilized to determine the last National Team spot in each event. The application of discretionary selection may allow elite riders who were injured, ill, or who experienced extenuating circumstances to include, but not limited to equipment failure, weather complications, travel delays, or canceled events during the qualification period the opportunity to be considered for the National Team. When applying discretionary selection, the USA SKB Athlete Selection Committee will consider a range of performance factors that will include the following in no particular order:

- Athletes who medaled at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

- Athletes who demonstrate an overall consistent ability to place top ten through reliable execution at the highest-level events within the previous 15 months

- Athletes with a podium finish at the most recent USA Skateboarding National Championships

- Athlete results from the qualifying events tour for the 2022  (including National Championships, Rome and the World Championships)

NOTE: In the event a National Team member is removed from the team (either voluntarily or involuntarily), USA Skateboarding will apply discretionary criteria to select a replacement National Team member. This skater will be offered EAHI immediately and will receive a stipend beginning the 1st of the following month.

- All athletes who qualify for Athlete Stipends as of January 1, 2023 will be offered EAHI.

- If at any point the athlete is removed from the National Team, they will be removed from EAHI, effective immediately.