Lauridsen Skatepark becoming a USA Skateboarding Certified Park

October 27, 2023

Lauridsen Skatepark becoming a USA Skateboarding Certified Park


Des Moines, IA (October 25, 2023) – Adding to its list of standout designations, the country’s largest skatepark will soon be among a handful of parks officially vetted to host major, global skateboarding events and competitions. Join USA Skateboarding and central Iowa leaders to formally designate Lauridsen Skatepark for passing an inspection and certification process.


“USA Skateboarding's unity with the Des Moines skateboarding community is in perfect alignment with our goal of creating a gateway to safe and positive spaces in the world of skateboarding throughout the nation. The Lauridsen skatepark certification anchors our shared long-term mission to work with the city of Des Moines to bring world-class skateboarding events and stoke to Iowa. Des Moines created one of the world's greatest and most recognized skateparks and is the anchor for skateboarding in the Midwest. We are honored to play a part in this incredible example of the community coming together and making their dream a reality," said CEO of USA Skateboarding, Johnny Schillereff.


“As the sport of skateboarding grows and evolves, Polk County is committed to ensuring Lauridsen Skatepark keeps pace with that evolution,” said Angela Connolly, Polk County Supervisor. “This certification will be a literal and figurative sign we are ready to host skaters of all skill levels – from beginners to world-class athletes.”


Background: USA Skateboarding’s Skatepark Performance and Accreditation Rating for Certification (SPARC) program is centered on a 75-point checklist. This checklist evaluates how a park fosters safety, inclusivity, and a sense of community. It also examines technical and safety requirements necessary for professional and amateur competitions.