USA Skateboarding (USAS) is the National Governing Body for skateboarding in the United States. USAS represents the sport and culture of skateboarding, providing opportunities for all to participate, from enthusiasts to Olympians, while ensuring that skateboarding retains the unique characteristics that are important to all its participants. USAS is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and authenticity of skateboarding as a sport,  passion, and a lifestyle.

Board of Directors,  At-Large

  • Noelle Lambert     
  • Mike Jacki 

Board of Directors,  Independent

  • Peter Barberesi

Board Chair, At-Large

  • Brandon Lowery

Athlete Directors

  • VACANT    USOPC  Athlete Representative
  • Liam Pace
  • Jordyn Barratt

Board Meeting Minutes

    USA Skateboarding is federally registered as United States Skateboarding Federation (EIN: 20-2842212, D/B/A USA Skateboarding), a 501c3 nonprofit organization. USA Skateboarding is entirely privately funded and receives no government support. To make a donation, please CLICK HERE.