Affiliate Organization Program

Description of the USA Skateboarding Affiliate Organization Program:


The USA Skateboarding Affiliate Organization Program is an initiative introduced to bring legitimacy, clarity, and fresh opportunities to all demonstration sports within the skateboarding community. This program aims to establish cooperative relationships with amateur sports organizations, known as Affiliated Organizations, that conduct national programs or regular national amateur athletic competitions in the sport of skateboarding at a proficiency level suitable for selecting amateur athletes to represent the United States in international competitions.


How the Affiliate Organization Program Functions:


1. Legitimacy and Governance: The program formalizes the governance structure for each discipline within Demonstration Sports by partnering with specialized Affiliated Organizations. These organizations operate independently within their respective disciplines and work in close collaboration with USA Skateboarding (USAS).


2. Strategic Partnerships: Affiliated Organizations become strategic partners of USAS, the official member National Governing Body of World Skateboarding. This partnership grants them access to the extensive network and resources provided by USAS.


3. Benefits for Affiliated Organizations: Affiliated Organizations may enjoy various advantages through this program, including:

   - Insurance Coverage: Access to insurance coverage to safeguard their activities and events.

   - Fundraising Opportunities: Opportunities to raise funds to support their skateboarding programs.

   - Promotion through USAS Marketing Channels: Increased visibility through USAS marketing channels and promotional efforts.

   - Direct Liaison to World Skateboarding Federation: USAS serves as a direct link to the World Skateboarding Federation (WSF), ensuring compliance with WSF mandates.


4. Compliance with USAS Bylaws: Affiliated Organizations are required to adhere to specific sections of the USAS Bylaws, including sections related to governance, code of conduct, and sport compliance.


5. Code of Conduct: Affiliated Organizations are responsible for maintaining a positive and inclusive environment within the skateboarding community. They must implement and enforce a Code of Conduct approved by the USAS Board of Directors, which includes principles of fair play, respect, sportsmanship, anti-discrimination, and integrity.


6. Incident Reporting: Affiliated Organizations are obliged to maintain incident reports for all Code of Conduct violations within their organizations, ensuring transparency and accountability. These reports must be submitted to USAS within 48 hours via email.


7. Sport Compliance: Affiliated Organizations must acknowledge and adhere to sport compliance guidelines and regulations established by USAS. These guidelines cover aspects such as athlete eligibility, safety protocols, competition formats, and event requirements, ensuring fair and safe practices.


8. Mandatory Membership: Affiliated Organizations are responsible for ensuring that all participants (athletes, coaches, officials, and staff) involved in USAS-sanctioned or World Skate-sanctioned events, competitions, and activities hold valid and current USAS membership.


9. Background Checks: Recognizing the importance of safety, Affiliated Organizations conduct appropriate background checks on individuals with direct contact with participants, including coaches, officials, and staff, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


10. Duration and Termination: The agreement between USAS and Affiliated Organizations remains in effect until terminated by either party with 30 days' notice. Termination does not affect ongoing obligations or liabilities.


11. Amendments: Any amendments to the agreement require mutual written agreement between the parties.


12. Communication: Regular communication is maintained between USAS and Affiliated Organizations to report on operations, events, and incidents.


13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: The agreement is governed by the bylaws of USAS, with dispute resolution mechanisms in place.


The USA Skateboarding Affiliate Organization Program serves as a collaborative effort to elevate and grow skateboarding disciplines while promoting adherence to established standards, safety, and inclusivity within the skateboarding community. Affiliated Organizations play a vital role in advancing these goals and fostering the continued growth and prosperity of skateboarding.