The United States Performance Center (USPC) set to Elevate Skateboarding in America

October 20, 2023

The United States Performance Center (USPC) set to Elevate Skateboarding in America


Unity is Strength:

USA Skateboarding has partnered with The United States Performance Center (USPC), unveiling the first state-of-the-art skateboarding campus in Charlotte, North Carolina. This partnership with the USPC will offer access to facilities for team riders, coaches, personnel, and the skateboarding community.

"The United States Performance Center offers unwavering support to our organization and team riders. Their profound respect for the uniqueness of skateboarding signifies a defining moment for skateboarding culture and marks a groundbreaking union of sports and the authentic lifestyles surrounding them. The USPC is committed to providing world-class high-performance training, health, wellness, and safety. Importantly, our mantras 'team riders first' and 'guarding our core values and distinct identity' make this partnership invaluable. The founders and principals of the United States Performance Center, Ike Belk and David Koerner, possess immeasurable character, and it has been an honor to work alongside them. We look forward to the positive impact and precedence we will set for the wide world of sports." - Johnny Schillereff, USA Skateboarding CEO

The property will feature world-class skateparks, competition venues, health amenities, and sports science with cutting-edge athletic testing and training services. The USA Skateboarding facilities are designed collaboratively by USA Skateboarding athletes, coaches, renowned skatepark builders, architects, and the high-performance staff of USPC.

The partnership between USA Skateboarding and USPC will support local skateboarding programs by calling North Carolina home and creating an action sports hub on the East Coast.

This initiative marks a significant milestone for both organizations and the future of competitive skateboarding. USPC and USA Skateboarding have an unwavering commitment to skateboarders and the progression of skateboarding on the world stage. This collaboration aims to enhance the performance outcomes of our athletes and strengthen the skateboarding community.

"We are thrilled to partner with the USA Skateboarding organization and their team riders. The US Performance Center is committed to innovation, health, wellness, and science-based training with the vision to nurture and uplift skateboarding across the nation." - said Ike Belk, Co-founder and Co-Owner of the USPC.


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