USA Skateboarding Appoints Johnny Schillereff as Chief Executive Officer and President.

September 08, 2022

USA Skateboarding Appoints Johnny Schillereff as Chief Executive Officer and President.

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, Sept 8th, 2022 - USA Skateboarding announced today that Johnny Schillereff has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer and President. After searching for a candidate with the experience and attributes to elevate USA Skateboarding successfully, USA SKB unanimously agreed that Johnny was the best fit.

“Johnny Schillereff is a skateboarder. His dedication and strong relationships within skateboarding enable him to solve complex issues and build collaborative partnerships,” said Don Bostick, USA Skateboarding Board chair. “We appreciate his lifetime of achievements and contributions to the skateboarding community. We are confident he will continue his successful track record as CEO and President of USA Skateboarding.”

Most recognized as Founder and President of Element Skateboards, Johnny Schillereff sold the company in the early 2000’s and remained at the brand’s helm for over two decades. He has upstarted and supported non-profit organizations, skate camps, and competitions around the world. Along with creating Element, Johnny has advised action sports companies, assembled skateboard teams, and employed and nurtured thousands of skateboarders and enthusiasts worldwide. Most recently, Johnny and his wife established The Heart Supply, a philanthropic skateboard company with the mission to grow awareness and give back to the skateboard community.

“I am thrilled to be the CEO of USA Skateboarding and consider this role the most honorable and impactful position I’ve held to date,” said Schillereff. “I am grateful to everyone who contributed to skateboarding being in the Olympics. I am committed to working in the best interest of USA Skateboarding. My priority is to reach the goals while protecting their rights and overall well-being. I embrace the challenge and look forward to collaborating with our athletes and the skateboard community.”

Johnny began skateboarding at the age of four. Inspired by the positive impact skateboarding made on him in his youth, he began submerging himself into his art, entrepreneurism, and the skateboarding community. After graduating from the Art Institute, his career in skateboarding began.

“Johnny Schillereff brings decades of experience to USA Skateboarding, grounded in a love of the culture. He has the capacity to improve the structure of the organization and the empathy needed to create a stable, transparent, safe environment for the athletes. He is also eager to develop new partnerships that improve skateboarding's growth among new and diverse audiences. Finally, he recognizes that the position requires him to serve and converse with local, national, and global skateboarding communities and make decisions that advocate for the health and well-being of all skateboarders. - We look forward to supporting Johnny as he delivers his vision to strengthen and transform USA Skateboarding.” - Dr. Neftalie Williams, USA Skateboarding Nomination and Governance Committee, Chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Schillereff will conclude his daily obligations to The Heart Supply and will commence this position effective immediately. We are thankful for his continued dedication to skateboarding and look forward to his passion.

USA Skateboarding represents the sport and culture of skateboarding, providing opportunities for all to participate, from pee wee to pro, while ensuring that skateboarding retains the unique characteristics important to all its participants. USAS is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and authenticity of skateboarding as a sport, passion, and lifestyle.