Coaches Certification

The United States Skateboard Education Association (USSEA) launched in 2017 to empower people through life-changing skateboard experiences.

Led by a team of passionate lifelong skateboarders, USSEA quickly established itself as one of the leading membership-based resources in the country for skateboarders, educators, and enthusiasts.

Making it easier for people to learn to skateboard.

USSEA is the leading organization for skateboard coaches seeking educator certification. The USSEA Certification provides skateboarders with a legitimate path from teaching as a hobby, to a professional skateboard educator. USSEA is also the founder of S.K.A.T.E. Safe, an initiative designed to promote safety and respect when skateboarding in public, specifically concerning skatepark etiquette. With your support, we can promote all champions of skateboarding by growing their voice and shifting the archetype of thought for how people learn and the facilities they learn to skateboard in. By supporting USSEA, you are promoting safety not just as an idea, but as a mission that changes the way people approach and view skateboarding altogether.