2024 Ecosystems Flow Team Contest


The USA Skateboarding Ecosystems Online Contest is an opportunity for skateboarders of all levels to show their skills and compete for a chance to join the USA Skateboarding National Flow team. With divisions for different age levels, the top three skaters from each division will not only receive product and cash prizes but first place in each division will also secure a spot on the USA Skateboarding Flow team for the 23-24 year. This contest promises to be a platform for skateboarders to shine and take their skateboarding journey to new heights as they become part of the USA Skateboarding national team.
    • Prizes
        • $11,000 Prize Purse 
        • Free product for winners in each division. 
        • Winners of each division named on USA Skateboarding Flow Team. 


      • How It Works
        • Helmets are required for anyone under 18 and for all BOWL riders.
        • Unedited, continuous footage, up to 50 seconds long. Time for your run starts when all four wheels are on the ground and both feet are on your board.
        • Best Trick submissions must be under 20 seconds.
        • Video must be never before posted public footage.
        • Filmed between now and September 28th 2023. 
        • By competing in the USA Skateboarding Ecosystems online contest, you will automatically qualify for the 2024 State Games of America in San Diego next July.
        • Be sure submissions and memberships are completed by 11:59pm EST on September 28th.


        • How to Enter: 
          • STEP ONE: Login or Create SportsEngine.com account.
          • STEP TWO: Go to USAskateboarding.com/memberships and select appropriate membership.
          • STEP THREE: Complete registration 
          • STEP FOUR: Upload your entry on INSTAGRAM using #USASkateEcosystems hashtag. 
          • STEP FIVE: Complete the form above and copy instagram video link to submission.  
        Submit Entires below. ( CONTEST CLOSED )

        Register with our updated membership system. 

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        Create account using www.sportsengine.com OR login to existing account then use links below - Free membership does not include contest ENTRY.

        *** ADAPTIVE ATHLETES: Please register membership under appropriate age group. 


        Memberships below includes Ecosystems Entry Fee

        2024 Minor Athlete Membership ($50)

        2024 Gold Minor Athlete Membership ($150)

        2024 Adult Athlete Membership 18+ ($80) 

        2024 Gold Athlete Membership 18+ ($200)



        Location: ONLINE



        The digital portion of this event is open to anyone from the United States.


        • Judging Criteria:
          • Judges analyze the following elements when scoring:
          • Commitment, creativity, and use of entire course and features
          • Distance traveled while performing various tricks
          • Speed, style, flow, and power
          • Lines carry weight, but innovation and difficulty are also rewarded
          • Time for your run starts when all four wheels are on the ground and both feet are on your board


        • Schedule:
          • Submission Start: July 8th
          • Submission End: September 28th 
          • Results: September 29th 



          Policies and Guidelines:

          Details on Policies and Guidelines are at the https://usaskateboarding.com/pages/policies-and-procedures