Get to know the USA National Skateboarding team

Braden Hoban

Braden Hoban is one of those skaters you seen once in a generation. He’s the first person we’ve seen in a long time with the unique skill set to be primarily out in the streets filming for videos, but with the ability to go skate a major contest and podium. The newest member of the USA Skateboarding Men’s Street Team had a breakout year in 2022. Hoban turned Pro for Toy Machine, Won the SLS Hubba Hideout Ressurection, placed 2nd at the SLS Super Crown Champion, and 3rd at the USA Skateboarding National Championship which landed him a spot on the 2023 Men’s National Team. Braden is experiencing his opportunities to the fullest, as all the greats before him have done, taking nothing for granted. Join us as we take a look into Braden’s life, his upbringing, the Mohkie crew he grew up skating with, the strong bond he has with his family and his friends and the grateful mindset he maintains through it all. Spend the day with the rising superstar to find out exactly WHO IS Braden Hoban?

Mariah Duran

In honor of International Women's Day we present to you an inside look into one of the most skilled and influential female skaters of our generation, Mariah Duran. An olympian, a photographer, a traveler, and most of all, a skateboarder. Mariah has one of the most established careers in the game, so come along with us as we spend a day with her to find out WHO IS Mariah Duran?